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Tess Marie Garneau

Tess Marie is a well rounded content creator from Iroquois Falls. After receiving her degree in film making from York University, she shot & directed projects in England, South Korea, Turkey, USA and around Canada. She worked for Nickelodeon, Amazon, PBS, TVO and was the senior multimedia specialist for TD Bank. She is currently the writer/director of a television docu-series about Canadian game shows, set to air in March 2021. She can usually be found working on her multitude of freelance projects, or on site at any of Lauren’s properties, taking extensive footage and creating Covid-safe home video tours. She has been consulting with content marketing and branding as Lauren’s business continues to grow.  If you see Tess and Thom out with their dog, Banjo, they want you to know he’s really friendly, he just has a lot to say. 
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